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About I.P Singh

Ishvinder Pal is a certified Laughter Yoga Teacher from the Laughter Yoga University,Bangalore. He was trained by the Laughter Guru Dr.MadanKataria, the founder of the Laughter Yoga movement. He conducts Laughter Yoga and Happiness Workshops for corporates, schools, social clubs & wellness events.

Further he has successfully completed his NLP Certification under the guidance of Dr. David Lincoln (NLP, India) and effectively uses various NLP tools and techniques in his talks and trainings.
His mission is to make people laugh, become friendly and grow into a lively joyful personality. He believes that the true essence of building relationship and bonding is through organic experiences with each other through interactive play and laughter; and that anyone, child or adult alike learn and experience life best when they are having fun and play together.
Ishvinder also specializes in Team Building sessions and Seminar Energisers for Students, Corporate Executives and Families. Last but not the least he is also a Brain Education Enhanced Learning Facilitator and the member of Special Advisory Council of Mindmine Academy Pvt. Ltd.

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DEVELOPING LEADERS & Spreading Happiness

Adding yoga to your weekly workout routine has a number of health benefits
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Laughter Clubs are Free

Laughter Yoga Clubs are social clubs that are free for all anywhere in the world. We do not charge any membership fee anywhere.

Start a Laughter Club

In India, most Laughter Clubs function on a daily basis and the members meet at public parks where people go for a morning walk.


To start a Laughter Club, one needs to be trained as Laughter Leader/Teacher. From Laughter Yoga International organize laughter leader training programs at Bangalore and other countries

Health Benefits

Laughter Yoga is like an aerobic exercise (cardio workout) which brings more oxygen to the body and brain which makes one feel more healthy and energetic.
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